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Transforming data to information,
To help you take business decisions timely

BI & Predictive Analytics

BI & Predictive Analytics

Powerful insights – at your fingertips

We transform your data to help you gain insights and take timely business decisions for your growth. The same can also be used to automate and optimize business processes. We treat your data as your corporate asset and leverage it for your competitive advantage. We are committed to providing you with:

High level quantitative and qualitative analysis

Skilled and experienced analysts

Data driven decision making outputs

Powerful insights – at your fingertips

Our Offering

Explore all your data. Create rich visuals and share insights
  • Get the picture. Fast

  • See it. Understand it

  • Stop guessing. Work smartly

Data visualization
Ready to be used by any user
  • No need to be a technical wizard

  • Easy to aggregate or manipulate

  • Flexible and Sustainable

Easy Analytics
It is your business, we facilitate in fast tracking it
  • Continuous engagement with stakeholders

  • Consultative Approach

  • Tweak as per business needs

Never be out of touch, stay connected
  • Right data, Right time, Right Call

  • Business Metrics and dashboards

  • Browser as well App based

Mobile BI

The Power of Information

The use of social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies is already enabling our advanced analytics solutions to extract meaning from your data so you can refine the products, services and experiences required to outperform your competition. Whether through analytical models, systems integration or data analytics and strategic consulting, we can help your data drive experience.

Limitless BI tools

Limitless BI tools.
Smarter. Faster. Simpler.

Get the right information to anyone who needs it. Integrate and discover data on your own. Create and share vibrant interactive reports. Spark your curiosity with easy-to-use analytics.

  • Decisions on facts, not on trust

    Decisions on facts, not on trust

    Ability to visualize detailed information synthesized in pre-determined ways on all aspects of your business, helping you take fact-based decisions.

  • Improving Sales and Negotiations

    Improving Sales and Negotiations

    Up-to-the-minute reports showing sales trends, customer preferences and product improvements help you negotiate and close deals for your business.

  • Eliminate Waste

    Eliminate Waste

    Analyze cross departmental transactional data to identify overlaps or inefficiency. Improve processes for betterment of your business.

  • Identify Opportunities

    Identify Opportunities

    Information to assist you in understanding your capabilities, compare strength and weakness vis-a-vis competitors so as to allow you to react quickly and timely.

In Sun Dew We Trust

We create an environment where operational and financial performance is promoted, captured, and understood. Our global team of BI professionals can help you to define and manage your strategy; enhance profitability and cost management.

In Sun Dew We Trust
Turn insights into faster actions

Turn insights
into faster actions

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